How To Enter 2021 With Confidence, Stop Wasting Time, and Have It All: Successful Business, Family, Personal Health... Without Getting It Wrong

Are you ready to transform your life?

Doors Close at Midnight, Nov. 16th


Welcome Brother, 


In this high-performing men's 90-day mastermind, we'll cover how to get unstuck and take meaningful action.


You can use these techniques to enter 2021 with confidence, stop wasting time, and even have it all: successful business, family, and personal health!


Heck, I even show you a daily practice that will bring internal alignment so you can achieve results quicker!


HAVE QUESTIONS:  angus@angusnelson.com

I'm looking for WORLD CHANGERS...

 Is that you?

In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover in this incredible high-performing mastermind called EVOLVE:


  • How hundreds of my high-performing clients have found financial and emotional success which helps you take purpose-driven action on things that once intimidated you.


  • How to have a higher belief of who you are and what you're capable of and how you can have unstoppable confidence needed for living in your true potential.


  • How to position your personal brand for elite status and enter any conversation or opportunity and be both respected and remembered because of the clarity in your purpose.


  • How to capitalize on a powerful, personal network of business leaders which enables you to expand your net worth via input from effective leaders like you.


  • How to stay accountable to 100% of the targets and goals you've set and how you can stay focused and productive.


... and much, MUCH More!


Don't miss this breakthrough mastermind that will finally show you the blueprint for achieving your #1 audacious goal in the first quarter of 2021.



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Become A Purpose-Driven Leader: How To Take Action This Year

90 Days, meeting every 2 weeks for an hour and a half

Below is the Agenda (subject to change)

  • Session 1 - Purpose (Conscious Design)

    Morning Manifesto
    Personal Value Statement
    30 Daily emails - videos
    Manhood Matrix

  • Session 2 - Power

    Personal Value Statement

    Stories we tell ourselves

  • Session 3 - Personal Brand

    6 Figure Personal Brand Strategy
    Special Guest:  One of my Mentors

  • Session 4 - Productivity 

    Moleskin Maker
    Lead Indicators vs. Lag Indicators
    90-Day Year
    Blocks and Resistance

  • Session 5 - Presence (people)

    Personal Power and Expansion
    Special Guest:  One of my Mentors

  • Session 6 - Possibility

    People, Position, and Pursuits
    High emotion + Belief + Action = Results


Build a Legacy Empire From Scratch [Proven Blueprint] :

  • Mindset

    • Who you are, what you deserve, & what you're here for. - Who must I become?

  • Action 

    • Act on purpose, delegate your weakness, and stay accountable to the tribe.
  • Nurture 

    • Optimize work/life integration for marriage, family, health, and performance.

Who's Angus Nelson?

Men's Transformational Coach

I help high-performing men consciously design internal alignment so they can EVOLVE to more powerful impact and faster results in leadership, love, and legacy.


I've helped three businesses grow to 7 figures and host the podcast, "Up in Your Business" and have spoken for brands like Walmart, Whole Foods, BMW, Coke, & Adobe. I'm married to my Hawaiian honey, have three children, a 90 pound labradoodle named, Nash. We live in Nashville, Tennessee and I appreciate bourbon, cigars, and nachos.

It would be very difficult to do this alone.

It might even be hard with just you and I alone.

However, in a tribe, we all have each other.


 Let's get you into your tribe! 

Doors Close at Midnight, Nov. 16th



Here's what Michael Stelzner,

Founder of Social Media Examiner, has to say:

Angus made it clear that putting my dream into action, fulfilled me reaching my goals.

Hans N.

Business Owner

Angus gave me guidance, honesty, and actionable strategies…

David T.

Adventure Photographer

Angus helped me see what I already knew but was afraid to do...

Matt B.

Business Owner

Angus helped me understand how to better myself and live up to my fullest potential...

Kenneth W.

Sales Professional

Matt W.


Building his agency turned into a cluster of work that was neither scalable nor rewarding. He asserted his leadership, streamlined his business, and established repeatable systems towards a company he could be proud of and lifestyle he could love.

Jacob A.


After a series of painful losses and the disconnect from the man he was, he reconnected to new mindsets and confidence - dramatically improved marriage, lifestyle, and new job at a better company manifested from his upgraded identity.

Shawn M.


After years of chasing after the things he thought he was supposed to do - being a serial entrepreneur, Shawn connect to what he enjoyed doing. He learned to pursue a career of substance and fulfillment, a life more fully lived.

Sherman M.


A Blue Ocean Strategist, his vision was to discover a niche he could engage his expertise in that would open up business revenues and provide opportunity for a location-independent lifestyle. He is now building a business resource platform in the CBD industry.

Brent P.


Years of working multiple jobs, he believed he never actually had a career. We uncovered the power of a "portfolio career". Now, his discovered confidence and skill sets have opened up never before explored opportunities as a consultant and entrepreneur.

Taylor C.


A highly creative talent, Taylor sought direction and guidance for his career and family. We unlocked clarity and painted a vision of what is possible for them - financially, relationally, and even locationally... discovering a clear path to what he wants in life and how to get it.

“Deliberately Seek The Company Of People Who Influence You To Think And Act On Building The Life You Desire.”

Napoleon Hill

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