I Help High-Achieving Men With Personalized 1-on-1 Intensive Coaching to Unlock Freedom, Love, and Power In Every Area of Their Lives.

Watch this video to learn the game plan that gives you the unfair advantage of Manhood Mastery!  


Manhood Matrix: 7 levels of mastery towards a life

that's significant, satisfied, and fully alive

You CAN Create A Life Worth Living And Avoid Staying Stuck Where You Are


“You can have all the books and information in the world but if you don’t have a real, live human staring you in the face telling you how you’re being an idiot then you are going to lose a lot of races before you win.”


I read this and thought to myself… "I’ve seen many men on their hamster wheel, dumb as rats, running harder and harder, and getting nowhere."


Who is helping you win more races?


For me... years ago, I was running my own business, under the pressure of financial strain and an unhealthy pride to ask for help. Coping with the stress started with alcohol, then led to porn... and before long, I was sleeping around - desperate to numb the pain.  


In short order, I blew up my business, my marriage, and myself-worth.


It didn't have to be this way...


Who is calling you out on the crap stories you tell yourself?

My hope is that you're not there yet.


You're in a different place... perhaps a place where you're:

  • stuck at a desk you can't get away from,
  • in a role you're ready to change,
  • or living a life you can't stand.


Truth is, you probably already know what you want.

In fact, you probably know how to get there.

But for some damn reason, you can bring yourself to get there!


And you know it's time for a change...

I've been there.


Flash forward, for the next decade, I sought counseling and read tons of books... and then I found a mentor... and then I got coaching myself.


Coaching changed EVERYTHING - my beliefs, behaviors, and confidence exploded!


Meanwhile, I'm running an association for Fortune 500 companies - you know these names - over 70 brands like Walmart, General Electric, Ford, and Disney.


Here I was speaking with men who had attended the best schools, work for the top companies, and make some of the best money in their fields... yet, they were miserable.


I found myself doing more coaching than anything else... then I realized, 'coaching' is actually a thing.


Hi, I'm Angus Nelson

Life Strategy Coach

I’ve since coached hundreds of men.

I talk straight, and I'm not afraid to call you out.


But more importantly... I will call you UP!


You are made for more.
You can achieve more.
You can be more.


And you know it. 

Who is helping you become the man you need to be in order to achieve that dream you see? 


𝗬𝗼𝘂 𝗱𝗲𝘀𝗲𝗿𝘃𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝗶𝘁 𝗮𝗹𝗹…


•  The life you want.

•  The family you want.

•  The business you want.

•  The man you must be.


Here's how we do this together -  Three months, three stages... the M.A.N. Method:


   M - MINDSET > set your optimal beliefs

   A - ACTION > intense accountability to your strategic plan

   N - NURTURE > prioritized highest living & self-care


1-on-1, customized curriculum and accountability to  get sh*t done.


You get:

  •  Morning Manifest - your 30-day daily identity tool
  •  Weekly Calls with notes and recordings
  •  30-days of morning motivational videos
  •  Private FB Group with other clients - Men of Echelon
  •  Progress Report at end of our engagement to measure success
  •  Your Plan of action with accountability to step wisely and quickly


Our Engagement consists of:

  •  Three-month coaching term
  •  Weekly Zoom calls 
  •  Notes and recordings shared with Client
  •  Available via text and email outside of calls


This is manhood mastery...

be the man you were born to be.


What you can expect in working with me...

I help you achieve clarity, create strategy, and TAKE ACTION.

I help my you get out of your head and INTO YOUR LIFE.

I help you develop a strategy towards YOUR NEXT STEP.

I help you transform your life into a LIFE THAT SERVES YOU.


  • Business Clarity

    Strategic objectivity towards desired goals through pragmatic systems, rhythms, and results.

  • Ideal Self Mapping

    Internal state control. Align with state of being, actions and feelings of desired self/identity.

  • Lifestyle Integration

    Custom tailored action/habit map designed with your busy schedule in mind.

  • Energy Optimization

    More natural fuel for career/business, handle relationship/family demands + day-to-day, body inputs for maximum return.

  • Sustainable Success

    Track, measure, and adjust to ensure long term growth and success in key areas as opposed to short-term “band aid” solutions that do not last.

If you will change, everything will change for you

Here's What Clients Are Saying:

Here's what Michael Stelzner,

Founder of Social Media Examiner, has to say:

Angus made it clear that putting my dream into action, fulfilled me reaching my goals.

Hans N.

Business Owner

Angus gave me guidance, honesty, and actionable strategies…

David T.

Adventure Photographer

Angus helped me see what I already knew but was afraid to do...

Matt B.

Business Owner

Angus helped me understand how to better myself and live up to my fullest potential...

Kenneth W.

Sales Professional

Sherman M.


A Blue Ocean Strategist, his vision was to discover a niche he could engage his expertise in that would open up business revenues and provide opportunity for a location-independent lifestyle. He is now building a business resource platform in the CBD industry.

Brent P.


Years of working multiple jobs, he believed he never actually had a career. We uncovered the power of a "portfolio career". Now, his discovered confidence and skill sets have opened up never before explored opportunities as a consultant and entrepreneur.

Taylor C.


A highly creative talent, Taylor sought direction and guidance for his career and family. We unlocked clarity and painted a vision of what is possible for them - financially, relationally, and even locationally... discovering a clear path to what he wants in life and how to get it.

Matt W.


Building his agency turned into a cluster of work that was neither scalable nor rewarding. He asserted his leadership, streamlined his business, and established repeatable systems towards a company he could be proud of and lifestyle he could love.

Jacob A.


After a series of painful losses and the disconnect from the man he was, he reconnected to new mindsets and confidence - dramatically improved marriage, lifestyle, and new job at a better company manifested from his upgraded identity.

Shawn M.


After years of chasing after the things he thought he was supposed to do - being a serial entrepreneur, Shawn connect to what he enjoyed doing. He learned to pursue a career of substance and fulfillment, a life more fully lived.

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