Welcome to a revolutionary tool that my high-performing clients use daily and rave about. It's a powerful life manifesto that steers you internally first and then begins to transform your outward results - part meditation, part visualization, and part guide. 


Watch this video and discover how this works

You'll create a small booklet, about 6 pages long, a tool to get your mind in the right state of expectation, confidence, and self-assurance.


Some read to prepare for an important meeting or presentation to get pumped up... The majority of my clients review theirs at the beginning of their day as part of a morning routine.

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When you click the button, you'll be taken to a questionnaire where you'll select the Affirmations you most wish to aspire to. 


And each day after that, an email will be sent to take you through each of the section with templates designed to rapidly create your customized guide, aligned to your own personal goals. On the 7th day, we put it all together!


You've never tried THIS.

What exactly is the 10-Minute Motivator? It's a revolutionary tool that our high performing clients use daily and rave about. It is a powerful life manifesto that steers your life internally first, so you can then begin to see outward results. Once you gain instant access to your 10-Minute Motivator, you'll be on your way to building your most IMPACTFUL 10 minutes of your day.

In only 7 days, you'll be assisted in forming each element of this personalized transformational guide. Starting with a Google Doc, you'll begin with a simple copy/paste of the document to create in your favorite word processing platform. Each day, you'll complete an element of this guide with templates and easy to find topic additions you'll choose to customize for your own personal goals.

When complete, this tool is NOT about a simple document.


The REAL SECRET is in what it will DO in your life...


activating an experiential practice

of personal transformation.


The 10 Minute Motivator does exactly that!

Visualize a New Identity

Who must you become in order to achieve the goals you wish to achieve? First you see, then you be.

Establish Life Principles

Craft the guiding elements to how you think, how you engage, and how you show up in your world.

Empowering Affirmations

Attaching emotion to information you pave new psychological truths to who you are in this new state.

What is the 10 Minute Motivator???

The 10 Minute Motivator

When completed, you have about 6 pages of content and images to

include in your daily practice... rehearsing your new identity.


Engaging your:


Mind, Will, & Emotion

  • Fully Personalized

    You select the areas of your life you wish to address

  • Fully


    Connecting emotion and visualization, focusing on feeling the emotion of your new self.

Your mind is like a computer

What you hear about, you think about.

What you think about, you talk about.

What you talk about, you bring about.

Thoughts create beliefs.

Beliefs become behavior.

Instant access to our "10-minute Motivator" is where your new life begins.

  • Do what you couldn't before.

    Finally, you will connect to the confidence and motivation to keep promises to yourself.

  • Discover who you were born to be.

    Stop trying to change who you are to fit into a mold that everyone expects. Your success is directly related to how true you're being to yourself.

  • Effortless change.

    100% - change requires work. But that shouldn't involve unhealthy striving. We'll show you how to show up and make changes in your life without feeling depleted and frustrated.

  • Create a highly personalized, living document to guide your future

    Each person's 10 Minute Motivator is uniquely created to fit you, your goals, and personal life transformation aspirations. In addition, as you elevate your life, you may alter and modify this document to match your advanced life and dreams.

  • Rewire your brain.

    Escape the powerful, negative stories that have always held you back and keep you STUCK repeating the same chaos over and over again.

  • Make life changes that LAST.

    This isn't a diet-style approach...quick results that don't last. We'll teach you the keys to making SUSTAINABLE changes to your habits and mindset.

  • Seven Days to complete your manifest tool

    A systematic tutorial to help you create the daily tool to implement and experience on a daily basis. Have a specific area in your life you want to change your beliefs around? -- we got you!

"Realize this truth: No one... is better than you. They simply know something you don't, believe something better than you're believing, and doing something you're not doing. Those are all things that you can change very easily." 

-  Preston Ely

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Your Seven Day Plan



Select areas you wish to address and then copy/paste from our library to your manifest.

  • DAY 2


    Choose your favorite quotes, proverbs, or ancient text to shape your worldview.

  • DAY 3


    Collect inspiring images of where you wish to visit or live; your caliber of friends; industry goals; or body type.

  • DAY 4


    Rule your day or the day rules you - set your agenda of daily priorities.

  • DAY 5


    What you do, who you do it for, and the problem they solve from working with you.

  • DAY 6


    You'll create a story about your work, income, relationships, and aspirations.

  • DAY 7


    Time to assemble all of the these elements into your life altering, daily transformative tool.

If you don't want to wait the entire week, you'll be provided links to advance more quickly... if that's your style.

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Subscribe to the instructional emails to complete your 10 Minute Motivator... you'll also get occasional email from me.

Angus Nelson

Men's Mindset Coach

I help high-performing leaders take their next BIG step in just 90 days. I'm host of the "Up in Your Business" podcast and, as a speaker, I have spoken for brands like Walmart, Whole Foods, BMW, Coke, & Adobe. I'm enjoy coffee, all things human behavior, and nachos... I'm also an identical twin!

What People Are Saying:

It [The 10-Minute Motivator] resets my mind on what’s true and important and helps me reframe some of the false beliefs I’ve had for decades.




Phil M.

Event Coordinator

When I look at that printed paper every day or the screenshot on my phone, it reminds me of "why" I'm doing all of this and keeps me toward the big picture of things.




Troy S.

Marketing Consultant

[The 10-Minute Motivator] forces me to identify the ideas that make up my upgraded identity. Then, it drops them front and center in my mind every morning and every night. My brain can’t help but go to work figuring out how to turn that into reality.

Jeff B.

Video Editor

[The 10-Minute Motivator] made it easier for me to stay accountable to mysel and to the changes I wanted to create".

Colin Y.


Focus, routine. Overcoming past mindsets.



Mike K.

Leadership Consultant

[The 10-Minute Motivator] just reminds me of important principles...Keeping me motivated.


Mike S.

Founder & CEO

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Subscribe to the instructional emails to complete your 10 Minute Motivator... you'll also get occasional email from me.